Vaccine All 58

I got this text this morning: Others have had visitors at their front door or phone calls - asking for vax status, and are there children under 12 in the home. We are apparently on an “unvaccinated persons” list.

CalOSHA Requires Employers Get Vaccination Status

California employees should start getting a questionnaire from their employer requesting their vaccination status: VaccinatedNot vaccinatedDecline to answerWould like vaccination information Those who are vaccinated no longer have to wear a mask indoors or in close proximity outdoors (within 6’). Which means if you are not vaccinated, or decline to state, then you are required…


Dr Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA technology

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology that's used in the COVID vaccine, said young adults and teens shouldn't be forced to get the vaccineHe told Fox's Tucker Carlson that there isn't enough risk-benefit analysis data for that age groupEarlier today, a CDC advisory group said there is a 'likely link' between rare cases of…

Spike Protein & Vitamin D

People who get very sick from covid or other viruses have what’s called a cytokine storm - basically an immune system overreaction. Vitamin D prevents this. Learn more about how the vaccine works and why vitamin D is so important from one of the leading experts: Virologist & Immunologist Dr. Ryan Cole

Indonesia: Vaccinated Healthcare Workers Get COVID

The shot doesn’t prevent you from getting covid - in fact, it may make the symptoms of future strains even worse. LEARN ABOUT THE SHOT BEFORE YOU GET IT! That seems like common sense. It isn’t intended to stop you from catching covid – the intent is to reduce the severity of symptoms The…